Welcome! I´m Angie Villé, I´m an artist and illustrator.  I live near Los Andes mountains in Mendoza, Argentina.

This is my oficial website. Here you can find photographs of my 3D printing objet, there are art works, also you can find photographys  installations that combine 3D printed objects and projections , photographys,  original paintings, drawings, watercolours, digital arts and illustrations. If you like something please contact me to give you information about prices and availability of the that artwork that you want.

The collection called Panic Attack of the Muses is inspired by the muses of the great masters of art history : the Mona Lisa, the Venus of Boticelli , The girl of the pearl or Warhol´s Marilyn , change their exprsiones , cry, shout l get excited suffer a panic attack , you imagine?

And remember, if something you like and can not wait to have it check our online shop where you can buy printable art! Postcards, posters , t-shirts and more.

Gracias por visitar mi sitio web, soy Angie Villé, artista e ilustradora. Vivo en Mendoza, Argentina. Cerca de la Cordillaera de Los Andes. Aquí podrás encontrar  mis objetos impresos en 3D, fotografías de montajes de esos objetos, fotografías de instalaciones de esos objetos, bocetos, pinturas, acuarelas,  ilustraciones digitales. Espero disfrutes de cada una. 

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